how often should you yoni steam for fertility

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3 to 4 weeks

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  • Can you use yoni steaming for fertility?

  • Using Yoni Steaming for fertility comes with a few rules. You should only steam in a specific window of time to allow you body to naturally do what it is supposed to do when trying to conceive. I have a video here explaining when you should and should not steam when trying to conceive:

  • How often should I do yoni steaming?

  • During these two to three months, it is recommended that you practice yoni steaming a twice week on the weeks that you are not menstruating (never steam during menstruation). Take these months as an opportunity to cleanse your whole body, mind and spirit.

  • How to make Yoni steamed herbs?

  • Purchase a handmade yoni steam seat from Etsy or Vibrant Souls. Your bowl with herbs and water will be placed inside a bucket, with the seat on top. Place two quarts of filtered water into your sauce pan or pot and bring to a boil. Add one heaping cup of yoni steaming herbs to the water.

  • How do I start a yoni steam?

  • Begin by choosing ingredients and timing for your yoni steams to support your specific needs. If you are very logical then you may prefer to work with your womb cycle but if you prefer the more 鈥渟hakti鈥?aspect of moon energy then work with the moon. Preparing for pregnancy/B4 baby 鈥?you can yoni steam weekly if you like!

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