how to apply osmocote fertilizer

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Take Osmocote Plus smart-release fertilizer and sprinkle one scoop of prills into the plant pot.Mix the topsoil into 1-3 inches.Water the plant.Reapply the fertilizer every 6 months.

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  • What is Osmocote fertilizer?

  • Osmocote is a patented, fully coated inorganic fertilizer, which provides a steady release of plant nutrients. It is also made with a soybean oil coating and is great for houseplants, annuals, and perennials. Osmocote is a slow-release fertilizer. This means that it is inorganic, which means that it is not immediately available to your plants .

  • How do you apply Osmocote to plants?

  • To apply osmocote, simply sprinkle it out of the container in the appropriate amount – which is about one cap per 4 square feet. Don’t inundate the ground but use enough based on the product directions. Once applied, mix it in to the top 2-3 inches of garden soil just before you plant. You can also reapply it every 6 months if needed.

  • How much Osmocote should I use?

  • Osmocote is not a slow or timed release fertilizer, it is a controlled release fertilizer. The release rate is controlled by soil temperature. Putting it on top of the soil would be inefficient as water is required to wash the evacuating salts that coat the prill into the soil. Anyway, for the OP, there is no real way to tell you how much to use.

  • Can you use Osmocote pellets in vegetable garden?

  • Osmocote is a slow release fertilizer. I don’t know anyone who uses it it on a vegetable garden. It isn’t cheap. It is used mainly in potted flowers like begonias and geraniums. Sprinkle about 1 teaspoon full on top of the soil. The pellets remain as the fertilizer is leached out when watering

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