how to fertilize with worm castings

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Worm castings are also great as a liquid fertilizer. To prepare this,you will need tomix 1 cup of worm castings with 1 gallon of water. Let it sit for one week. After one week,you can then use the water as a liquid fertilizer. You may also use it in controlling insects.

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  • Are worm castings a good fertilizer?

  • However, worm castings are an extremely valuable nutrient source and should still be used if possible. To apply, mix in 15-25% worm castings (or 1-2 inches) with soil and fertilizer. So, while worm castings are a proven nutrient-rich resource for plants, they鈥檙e not a complete fertilizer.

  • How do you apply worm castings to plants?

  • In this method, the worm castings are simply added to the top of the soil surrounding the plant. You can use it for potted plants as well as garden plants. To top dress garden plants, simply spread about to 1 inch of worm castings around the stem of each plant.

  • How to use worm castings for top dressing?

  • Top dressing is ideal when you have a limited amount of worm castings for all your plants. To use worm castings as a side dressing, you can use any of these methods: Put a handful of castings at the base of the plant. Gently work it into the soil. Be careful not to damage the soil. Water the plant after putting the castings.

  • How do you store worm castings in a bucket?

  • Put the worm castings in directly into the bucket. Some people say put the castings in an old sock or stocking hose that has no holes and tie the opening closed. This does not allow the castings to exchange into the water freely and slows the growth of the micro critters.

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