how to fertilize young apple trees

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Apply1鈦? lb (0.23 kg) of fertilizerfor newly planted trees. After you first plant your apple tree, wait 3 weeks for the soil to settle. Then, spread 1鈦? lb (0.23 kg) of fertilizer around the tree to kickstart growth.

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  • Do apple trees need fertilizer?

  • You don鈥檛 need to fertilize your apple tree if it鈥檚 already growing at least 8 in (20 cm) a year. However, if your tree isn鈥檛 growing that much, it probably needs fertilizer. Fertilizing too much can actually stunt the growth of apple trees, so it’s important to evaluate growth first. When should I fertilize my apple tree? Download Article

  • How to fertilize your trees?

  • In early spring, drip the fertilizer into the ground in a circle about a foot away from the trunk of the tree, then spread of the rest of the fertilizer outside of the circle. For advice from our gardening reviewer on how to determine how much fertilizer you need, keep reading!

  • How do you fertilize an apple tree with bone meal?

  • If you are just planting an apple sapling, go ahead and add a pinch of bone meal or a starter fertilizer mixed with water. After three weeks, fertilize the apple tree by spreading pound of 10-10-10 in a circle 18-24 inches from the trunk.

  • When should I fertilize my apple or pear tree?

  • The best time to fertilize your apple or pear trees is when the flower buds are starting to swell in spring. If you miss that time, you can still fertilize anytime through spring.

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