how to make fertilizer with banana peels

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Here鈥檚 How To Make The Fertilizer:Put the peel from one banana into the jar.Completely fill the jar with distilled water and put on the lid.Let this sit for about 1 to 2 weeks. This allows the nutrients from the peel to leach out into the water.Once the water has changed color,the fertilizer is ready.You can now throw out the banana peel or pop it into your compost.Mix the fermented fertilizer with water. The best ratio is 1 part fertilizer to 4 parts water.Water your favorite plants with this concoction and watch them thrive!

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  • How do you use liquid banana peel fertilizer?

  • Liquid Banana Peel Fertilizer Step one: Place banana peels in a jar. Be careful not to overload the jar. Step two: Fill the jar with water and close the lid. Step three: Let banana peels soak for about a week. Once they鈥檙e done soaking, remove the peels.

  • How do you make banana extract from a Peel?

  • Place 1 banana peel in a quart jar of water. Place the lid on the jar tightly and allow it to sit for approximately 7 days. [Only use certified organic bananas to keep chemical insecticides and pesticides out of your garden and compost pile.] Remove the banana peel from the jar. Strain mixture.

  • How do you preserve banana peels in water?

  • Fill a large mason jar loosely with banana peels. This will probably be about 3-4 peels. Fill mason jar with water, so that the banana peels are as submerged as possible. The peels may float a bit, and that is ok, but you want to make sure they鈥檙e not sticking out of the water too much. Soak the banana peels in water for a couple days.

  • What is the best fertilizer for banana trees?

  • Use Organic Bananas for Banana Peel Fertilizer Your best bet for avoiding toxins will be to use organic banana peels. According to an article on the Environmental Working Group website, banana-growing methods are pretty pesticide heavy.

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