how to make fertilizer with banana peels

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  • How do you make potassium fertilizer with banana peels?

  • Addone banana peel to each quart jar. Filljars with water and seal. Allow to sitfor about a week before using on your potassium loving plants. Once it鈥檚 finished, use all of this fertilizer on one or two plants.

  • How to make banana peel water for plants?

  • Stir occasionally to allow all the peels to be exposed to the water. Boil the peels for 30 minutes. Strain the peels and let the water residue cool down completely. If the residue is thick, add water to liquefy the solution enough to use on the plants. The other way to make banana peel water is through soaking, but it will take a longer time.

  • What is the best fertilizer for banana trees?

  • Use Organic Bananas for Banana Peel Fertilizer Your best bet for avoiding toxins will be to use organic banana peels. According to an article on the Environmental Working Group website, banana-growing methods are pretty pesticide heavy.

  • What can I do with banana peels?

  • Banana peel water is an inexpensive way to add nutrients to your garden. It also makes a good natural pesticide. To get more use out of them, after making banana peel water, you can grind up the used peels to spread on the soil.

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