how to make my soil more fertile

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Add organic matter

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  • How can I make my garden soil more fertile?

  • As such, the number one way of making your soil more fertile is to add organic matter. Organic matter ranges from weed/crop residue, green manure, tree pruning to kitchen waste.

  • Does soil naturally contribute to fertility?

  • Soil naturally contains some nutrients which make it inherently fertility. Among the plant nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus potassium is necessary for the normal growth as well as yield of crop. The natural fertility is a good thing to have, however, it has a limiting factor in that the fertility is not decreased.

  • How do you amend soil texture to increase fertility?

  • By Amending Soil Texture 1 Amend sandy soil by working several inches of organic matter into the soil 2 Continue to mulch throughout the year. 3 Use cover crops, such as oats, rye, or sweet clover, to build soil and soil fertility.

  • How can I add nutrients to my garden soil?

  • Compost tea, or liquid compost, is another way to add nutrients to your soil. You can make your own compost tea with compost or worm castings, and then apply it after you have planted your seeds. It鈥檚 a great 鈥渢ouch-up鈥?fertilizer, in fact, that can be used throughout the entire planting season. 6. Fish manure Have a fish tank? Recycle the manure!

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