how to make yourself more fertile as a man

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Quick tips for increasing fertility naturallyTaking an antioxidant supplement or eating antioxidant-rich foods can improve fertility rates,especially among men with infertility.Some studies suggest that eating more calories at breakfast and fewer at your evening meal can improve fertility.To boost fertility levels,avoid foods high in trans fats. Eat foods rich in healthy fats instead,such as extra virgin olive oil.Eating a diet high in refined carbs may raise insulin levels,which may increase the risk of infertility and make it harder to get pregnant.Eating more protein from vegetable sources,instead of animal sources,may improve fertility levels in women.

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  • How can I increase my fertility?

  • There are some simple lifestyle changes that every man can make to boost his fertility and increase the chances of conception. Aim to have sex every other day If you ejaculate very regularly (say, daily), the testes cannot keep up sperm production fast enough, so fewer sperm are in the semen.

  • How to get pregnant for men?

  • Trying to Conceive: 10 Tips for Men 1. Lose extra pounds Studies have suggested that couples in which the man is overweight or obese take longer to conceive… 2. Get health conditions under control Effectively managing chronic medical conditions, such as high blood pressure and… 3. Eat healthy …

  • How can I find out when I am most fertile?

  • A fertility calculator or calendar can help you figure out the length of your cycle and the day of the month when you’re most fertile. Over time, you’ll see patterns in your cycle. And you can use that information to assess the best time to try to get pregnant. Try HealthyWomen’s ovulation calculator . Try an ovulation kit.

  • Can certain foods increase male fertility?

  • Many fruits and vegetables, with highest levels in red peppers, kiwi, oranges, and grapefruit Dietary sources of antioxidants related to increased male fertility. While the fertility benefits of antioxidant-rich foods are enticing, moderation is still key.

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