how to put fertile eggs under a broody hen

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  • How do you encourage a hen to go broody?

  • If you want to encourage a hen to become broody, consider putting some eggs in the nest or use plastic Easter eggs or golf balls to stimulate broody tendencies. 5.

  • How long does it take for a broody hen to lay eggs?

  • After the 21 days, your hen should break from her broodiness. If you are able to break your hen鈥檚 broodiness, she will probably only stay broody for a few days. Once she has broken from this cycle, she should start laying eggs within a couple of days.

  • Can broody hens eat grain mix?

  • Broody hens can be fed grain mix if they are not eating pellets well, and often prefer it. This also means that their poos are a bit less offensive. Monitoring fertile egg development Fertile eggs take 21 days to hatch, with Day 1 being counted as the the first full day after being put under Mum.

  • Can a chicken go broody if there are no eggs?

  • It is not uncommon for a hen to go broody even when there are no fertilized eggs 鈥?or eggs at all! This can lead to a hen鈥檚 utter reluctance to leave the nest box 鈥?even though her eggs will never hatch.

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