how to put fertile eggs under a broody hen

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How do you get eggsundera broodyhen? If you have an aggressive broodyhen, wait until she gets up from the nest to eat or drink, then place the eggsin the nest. If she is letting you touch her, you can gently lift her and put the eggsunder her.

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  • How to encourage a hen to go broody?

  • Encourage the hen by adding an egg to the nest until she is sitting on at least a half a dozen eggs. If you place the fake egg next to her and she rolls it under her body, you have achieved success. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests if your hen is feeling the tendency to be broody, a few fake eggs can tip the scales.

  • Can a chicken go broody if there are no eggs?

  • It is not uncommon for a hen to go broody even when there are no fertilized eggs 鈥?or eggs at all! This can lead to a hen鈥檚 utter reluctance to leave the nest box 鈥?even though her eggs will never hatch.

  • What happens when you hatch eggs with a broody hen?

  • When hatching eggs with a broody hen, she will take care of the incubation temperature, humidity and egg turning responsibilities. Even though most hens will get this right, it is still possible that some embryos will die and the eggs will rot, or there will be eggs that aren鈥檛 fertile.

  • What to do if a broody hen won’t lay eggs?

  • Broody hens are generally very dedicated to their nests. Occasionally you will have a hen abandon her eggs. If the eggs are still warm and you have another broody on-hand, you can try slipping the eggs under her and see if she will accept them.

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