how to tell if cory eggs are fertile

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Fertilized Cory eggs arebeige with dark spots. In contrast, infertile eggs are white, plain, and translucent. A simple observation can confirm for you which eggs to keep (those that will produce live Cory Catfish). Remember that fertile eggs do not produce healthy offspring all the time.

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  • How do you know if a cory catfish is fertile?

  • Cory eggs? If so how do you know about the fertile or not fertile part? Hello! I have had Cory catfish lay eggs in the past and have found that the best way to tell them apart is the non-fertile ones turn white and the fertile ones stay kind of clear.

  • What do fertile eggs look like when they hatch?

  • Fertile eggs tend to look beige in colour. They will develop a darker spot in the middle as hatching nears. So long as the eggs don’t get fungus, there is hope they will hatch. Infertile eggs will look plain and white/translucent. The eggs should take about 3+ days to hatch, and when they hatch, the fry are super tiny.

  • How long do cory catfish lay eggs?

  • If you have six Cory Catfish in your tank, then it will probably take 7 days for each female to lay eggs, considering that all other parameters are met. How Many Eggs Do Cory Catfish Lay? A female can spawn from 10 to 20 eggs at a time. Fertile eggs look beige in color, and they tend to develop a darker spot in the middle as the hatching nears.

  • How do you hatch Cory eggs without removing them?

  • I have never been able to hatch cory eggs without removing them. I have a small fry tank (20 gallons) and if the eggs are on leaves, I cut the leaves and hang them in the fry tank. If they are on glass, I gently scoop them out with a credit card (clean) and try to attach them to a leaf.

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