is biochar a fertilizer

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  • What is Biochar and how does it work?

  • Biochar as a soil amendment enhances plant growth and reduces need for water and fertilizer. This is because more moisture and nutrients remain in the soil and don鈥檛 leach into the groundwater. Scientists believe that soil improved by biochar is more efficient, retaining critical nutrients such as magnesium, calcium , phosphorus and nitrogen.

  • Does biochar reduce the need for commercial fertilizers?

  • Biochar鈥檚 production and its effects on soils can reduce the need for commercial fertilizers. Keep in mind when using biochar that some crop production practices and soil types may lead to different results.

  • Is your soil suitable for biochar?

  • Not all soils are well suited for biochar. For example, research in Miesel鈥檚 lab is currently examining how well-drained sandy soils experience biochar benefits such as increased soil moisture retention, but moderately well-drained and/or clayey soils may not always respond as positively.

  • Where is the best place to put biochar?

  • The best location for biochar depends on your application. If biochar is used as a soil amendment, you should work the biochar into the plant鈥檚 root zone 鈥?the part of the soil surrounding a plant鈥檚 roots 鈥?incorporating the biochar into 4 to 6 inches of soil depth if possible.

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