is compost or fertilizer better

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  • What is the difference between fertilizer and compost?

  • Sometimes, the amendment you need to use for your soil might be fertilizer. A fertilizer is anything that provides the plants you grow with the nutrients they need to thrive, including compost. That means that compost is both a fertilizer and a soil amendment. Is compost good for all plants?

  • Can you use compost without fertilizer?

  • For instance, if you have a vegetable garden, it would be best to use compost without any fertilizer. Commercial gardeners, however, may require to use fertilizers even after using compost. The synthetic fertilizers will provide nutrients that composting cannot deliver.

  • What does compost do to the soil?

  • The decaying substances are then added into the soil to make the soil fertile and to boost the soil with lots of nutritional elements that plants need to grow and function at their best. Compost and other soil amendments are not rated with NPK (like fertilizer).

  • Is it better to use organic fertilizer or chemical fertilizer?

  • Either organic or conventional fertilizers work well for veggies, but organic fertilizers have been shown to be better for balancing the soil food web. Chemical fertilizer can also feed composting, but continual use may throw off your soil鈥檚 chemistry and discourage beneficial insects and microbes.

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