is the catholic church against in vitro fertilization

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  • Is infertility acceptable in the Catholic Church?

  • Absolutely not! The Catholic Church celebrates human life and the family more than perhaps any other institution in today鈥檚 world. The Church recognizes that infertility can be a great cross for couples to carry. The Church is a compassionate and loving mother, and thus she encourages infertile couples to nonetheless try to form a family.

  • What is the church鈥檚 view on in vitro fertilization?

  • Church teaching on in vitro fertilization. The sperm used is usually obtained by masturbation, which the Church teaches is immoral. The sperm or eggs used may not come from the couple desiring the child; because one of the spouses may be infertile, it may be necessary to use the sperm or eggs from an outsider.

  • Is it a sin for Catholics to use IVF?

  • Unfortunately, most Catholics are not aware of the Church’s teaching, do not know that IVF is immoral, and some have used it in attempting to have children. If a couple is unaware that the procedure is immoral, they are not subjectively guilty of sin.

  • Is IVF allowed in the church?

  • Many other many religious traditions worldwide accept IVF technology, with varying definitions of what processes should be allowed . Over the last four decades, bioethicists and church leaders have tried to reconcile church teaching on these issues with the fact that, for many couples, technological assistance is necessary to conceive.

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