is there a test to check fertility

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  • How do I know if I need a fertility test?

  • You may get a blood test to check your levels of follicle-stimulating hormone, or FSH, which triggers your ovaries to prepare an egg for release each month. High FSH can mean lower fertility in women. The FSH blood levels get checked early in your menstrual cycle (often on day 3). Clomiphene citrate challenge testing can be done with the FSH test.

  • What is a blood test for fertility?

  • This test checks your blood group and Rh. When and Why is the Test Done? This fertility test is done during the first trimester of pregnancy as Rh incompatibilities between a man and woman鈥檚 blood may lead to complications in the baby. Who Should Take the Test?

  • What are the different types of fertility tests?

  • There are several different types of fertility tests When a woman has questions about her fertility, the first test doctors usually start with is a blood test to determine her levels of anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH). This hormone is released by a woman鈥檚 eggs, and these levels go down as her egg count declines with age.

  • What are the benefits of having a fertility test?

  • Fertility tests are essential to determine fertility levels in both men and women. These tests can help a doctor decide the course of treatment for a couple who is unable to conceive due to fertility issues. If you and your partner are unable to conceive for a while now, you may want to check with your gynaecologist and get fertility tests done.

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