should i fertilize after overseeding in the fall

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Itdoesn’t really matterif you fertilize or overseed first. Simply apply the starter fertilizer after overseeding the lawn. Lawn Care After Overseeding

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  • Should I fertilize my lawn after overseeding?

  • If you didn’t apply fertilizer at the time you overseeded your lawn, you can apply a high phosphorus fertilizer once the fescue is up and after the first mowing. After that, maintain your regular fertilization schedule.

  • What kind of fertilizer do you use for overseeding?

  • Starter Fertilizer. If you haven’t fertilized your lawn, the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension recommends applying a high phosphorus, starter-type fertilizer at time of overseeding. The seeds need to remain moist in order to germinate, so lightly watering the seeded area several times a day is a must.

  • When should I overseed my lawn in Michigan?

  • In general, plan to overseed the lawn at least six weeks before the average first frost date so the new grass has time to become established. Mow warm-season grasses at the mower’s lowest setting or an existing fescue lawn at less than 2 inches.

  • When should I fertilize my lawn in the fall?

  • When to Fertilize: if you used pre-turfing fertilizer it will be enough to keep your lawn going. If not, to help the roots use a low nitrogen, autumn-winter lawn feed around 5 weeks. Choosing a fertilizer low in nitrogen is key to prevent weak leaves from growing.

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