should i seed first or fertilize

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Whether you put down fertilizer or grass seed first depends on several factors and conditions. Most landscaping professionals agree that it is always best tofertilize the soil firstif you are seeding a new lawn. Warm-season grasses include Bermuda and zoysia. They benefit from fertilization prior to re-seeding in the spring.

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  • Should I fertilize or seed my lawn first?

  • So, should I fertilize or seed first, you ask! Fertilize first before seeding to help improve the soil鈥檚 health 鈥?thereby, promoting optimal growth of your seed. Apply fertilizer and seeds to the existing grass during spring to keep your turf looking lush and green. Use starter fertilizer before seeding to promote healthy, strong roots.

  • When to apply fertilizer after overseed?

  • You may also plan to apply fertilizer after a certain time later from the overseeding on your lawn. You need to give attention to the seed germination and their growth so that you can apply starter fertilizer according to the grass type you like to grow.

  • How to plant grass seed and fertilize soil?

  • After 48 hours of aerating your soil, you will apply seeds and fertilizer then water on the ground. It is high time to get into soil fertilizer and water. In this time, use the starter fertilizer because it does not have any weed control, and this fertilizer is very suitable for this new grass growing environment.

  • What is the best time of year to fertilize and seed?

  • Best Time to Fertilize and Seed. The best time to sow grass seeds is in early fall. The majority of the summer heat is passed, but the soil is still warm enough to support germinating seeds. For most parts of the country, this time period can fall between late August and early October. As long as you plant in early October,…

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