what fertilizer for crape myrtle

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Crepe Myrtle Plant Food. This plant food was specifically crafted with crepe myrtles in mind and is designed to nourish the health of plants,making them stronger overall.Nelson鈥檚 Granular Fertilizer. Nelson鈥檚 fertilizer is perfect for a wide variety of flowering trees,including crepe myrtles,crab apples,mountain laurels,and flowering pear trees.Osmocote Smart-Release Plant Food (Green Bag) Osmocote鈥檚 plant food is designed to work well on both vegetable and flowering plants,as it contains a blend of carefully balanced nutrients that …Bayer Advanced Protect and Feed Granules. Bayer鈥檚 feed granules are the perfect choice for flowering trees. …Scotts All Purpose Flower and Vegetable Continuous Release Plant Food. This plant food helps to enhance the soil by delivering a range of nutrients and minerals. …

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  • How to fertilize crape myrtles?

  • Just apply the spikes near your crape myrtles drip line, and you are tension-free for the rest of the season. Your plant will be nourished and healthy. This is a professional-grade fertilizer that contains phosphorus and sulfur to promote the plant growth rate.

  • What is the best plant food for crepe myrtle?

  • Carl Pool Crepe Myrtle Plant Food Carl Pool Crepe Myrtle Plant Food is a balanced blend nutrient for flowering trees, vines, and shrubs. It has scientifically proven essential nutrients and minerals to the healthy growth of optimum plant growth.

  • How long does Scotts crepe myrtle fertilizer last?

  • This slow-release fertilizer from Scotts is a great choice for any ornamental tree or shrub, including crepe myrtles. Each application lasts for up to 2 months, so there鈥檚 no need to worry about constantly fertilizing your garden.

  • How much sun do crepe myrtle trees need?

  • For a mature Crepe Myrtle tree, it generally requires 12-15 ft. Choose a place where the plant will get plenty of sunlight. Now you have the information about the five best Crepe Myrtles fertilizer here; then the decision is yours.

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