what fertilizer to use on st augustine grass in texas

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Lesco Turf Fertilizer

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  • How to fertilize St Augustine grass?

  • Regularly applying fertilizer to St Augustine grass will enable healthy growth of the grass. The best fertilizer for St Augustine grass is the one that has a high amount of nitrogen. Fertilizing the grass during summers will flourish the lawn of St Augustine grass.

  • What is the NPK of St Augustine grass fertilizer?

  • St. Augustine grass usually contains more nitrogen than phosphorus and potassium. A typical turf fertilizer formulation, for example, has an NPK ratio of 15-1-5. As you browse lawn fertilizers, you鈥檒l notice how many different NPK combinations they offer, but nearly all of them are highest in nitrogen. Liquid vs. Granular vs. Water-Soluble

  • What is the best soil pH for St Augustine grass?

  • The soil pH of 5 to 8 is suitable for St Augustine grass. The expert鈥檚 advice is to test the soil before adding the fertilizer. Depending on the number of nutrients present in the ground, you can add fertilizer. St Augustine grass is a low mat-forming grass. It does not require high maintenance, and it is a perennial grass.

  • Can you use worm castings on St Augustine grass?

  • St. Augustine drought tolerance. Note: You can also use worm castings on your lawn as an organic lawn fertilizer. Can You Dethatch St. Augustine Grass?

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