what is a fertilized egg cell called

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  • What is a fertilized egg called?

  • What Is a Fertilized Egg Called? A fertilized egg goes through several stages of development but initially is called a zygote. The next stages of development are blastocyst, embryo and fetus. It takes between three and five days for the zygote to traverse the fallopian tubes into the uterus, where it develops into a blastocyst.

  • What happens when a fertilized human egg divides?

  • As a fertilized human egg divides, it first becomes a solid ball of cells, the morula. Next, about five days after fertilization, it becomes a hollow ball, the blastocyst. The cells of the outer layer of the blastocyst eventually form part of the placenta.

  • What is the difference between ovum and embryo?

  • The diploid cell resulting from union of a sperm and an oocyte. 2. The early embryo that develops from a fertilized oocyte. An egg (ovum) that has been fertilized but has not yet undergone the first cleavage division.

  • How many fertilized egg cells are there in a human embryo?

  • When the woman’s egg cells are mixed with male sperm cells in the lab to produce a fertilized egg cell that will be injected back into the woman, it is quite often the case that more than one fertilized egg cell (human embryo) is produced.

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