what is fertilization in biology

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Fertilization is the process by whichmale and female gametes are fused together,initiating the development of a new organism. The male gamete or 鈥檚perm鈥?and the female gamete,鈥檈gg鈥?or 鈥檕vum鈥?are specialized sex cells,which fuse together to begin the formation of a zygote during a process called sexual reproduction.

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  • What is meant by the term fertilization?

  • Fertilization can be defined as the fusion of the male gametes (pollen) with the female gametes (ovum) to form a diploid zygote. It is a physicochemical process which occurs after the pollination of the carpel. The complete series of this process takes place in the zygote to develop into a seed.

  • How does fertilization in humans take place?

  • Let us have a look at how fertilization in humans takes place. 鈥淔ertilization in humans refers to the fusion of male and female gametes that facilitates the development of a new organism.鈥?Fertilization is the natural life process, which is carried out by the fusion of both male and female gametes, which results in the formation of a zygote.

  • What is the process of fertilization in animals?

  • Fusion in advanced animals is usually followed by penetration of the egg by a single spermatozoon. The result of fertilization is a cell (zygote) capable of undergoing cell division to form a new individual. The fusion of two gametes initiates several reactions in the egg.

  • What is the process of fertilization and implantation?

  • Fertilization And Implantation Fertilization and implantation are the most critical events in the reproduction process. In this process, both egg and sperm are fused together to form a zygote. Later it gets implanted into the uterus and the development of an organism.

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