what is lawn fertilizer

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Lawn food

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  • Why are fertilizers important in lawn care?

  • Fertilizers are important in lawn care because they supplement the soil with needed nutrients. Nutrients are needed by grass plants because of the many stresses people apply to them. Grass uses nutrients to repair damage done by normal wear and mowing. Other plants in the landscape, such as trees, flowers and weeds, also consume the nutrients.

  • What is the best fertilizer for grass?

  • (Who really wants raw manure.) These products fertilize the grass slowly as the soil microorganisms break down the organic matter into elements the grass roots can take up. Organic lawn fertilizer is safe and because of the way it works makes it difficult to over fertilize.

  • Is lawn fertiliser a food?

  • Lawn fertiliser, also known as lawn feed is often thought of as food. However, this isn鈥檛 strictly true. All fertiliser products, whether granular or liquid are nothing more than compounds that contain the chemical elements plants need to make food for themselves. These chemical elements include;

  • Should you fertilize your lawn in the spring?

  • If you need to seed your lawn in the spring, don鈥檛 use a conventional fertilizer with pre-emergent herbicide. It will kill your new grass. Fertilizers containing mesotrione are the only way to go. The Andersons 21-0-4 Turf Fertilizer with 0.2 percent Merit Insecticide will feed your lawn slowly as it also protects it from grubs.

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