what is lawn fertilizer

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Lawn food

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  • What do you need to know about fertilizer for grass?

  • For instance, if you鈥檙e just starting to grow grass for your lawn, you will need more phosphorus in your fertilizer. This nutrient makes roots grow in grass, according to this page. You will also need nitrogen to keep your grass healthy as it grows.

  • What is the difference between Lawn food and fertilizer?

  • Lawn food, or plant food, is produced by the plant or grass using the nutrients that they get from fertilizers or from the soil itself. Adding to the confusion are fertilizer manufacturers that call their products lawn food.

  • What are the best lawn fertilizers for your lawn?

  • Take a good look the fertilizers and pest control products offered by The Andersons. These are the same products golf courses and professional sport turf managers use to keep their grass looking and performing its best. This particular Andersons product is packed with goodness.

  • What are the benefits of fertilizers?

  • If used correctly, fertilizers can help you improve and maintain your lawn. Healthy lawns limit erosion, cool the environment and control allergens, among many other benefits. See Environmental benefits of healthy lawns. Plus sign (+) if content is closed, ‘X’ if content is open.

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