what is lawn fertilizer

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Basically, fertilizer isfood for your lawn to help add additional nutrients for the plant use that may be missing from the soils, or are not in enough abundance to get the results you want. Fertilizer can come in slow release and quick release versions, as well as have specific nutrient content for your types of grass.

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  • What do you need to know about fertilizer for grass?

  • For instance, if you鈥檙e just starting to grow grass for your lawn, you will need more phosphorus in your fertilizer. This nutrient makes roots grow in grass, according to this page. You will also need nitrogen to keep your grass healthy as it grows.

  • When to use lawn food vs fertilizer?

  • When to use lawn food vs. fertilizer, it鈥檚 always a good idea to get the right formulation for grass and plants. You can buy lawn food to ensure that you鈥檙e giving the grass the right levels of nitrogen and potassium.

  • How to fertilize your lawn in the summer?

  • You can use either slow-release or fast-release fertilizer. You must apply these fertilizers before the very high temperature in summer when the grass will remain in dormant conditions. One pound of N-rich fertilizer is very effective for 500 square feet area of your lawn for cool-season grasses.

  • What is the best fertilizer for lawns?

  • The Best Lawn Fertilizer 1 2 Scotts Green Max Lawn Fertilizer. … 2 4 Milorganite Organic Nitrogen Lawn Fertilizer. … 3 5 Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Fertilizer. … 4 6 Simple Lawn Solutions Green Growth Liquid Lawn Food. … 5 7 LawnStar 16-4-8 NPK Fertilizer

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