what is the best fertilizer for hellebores

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Slow-release fertilizer

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  • When should I fertilize my hellebores?

  • Q: My hellebores look fabulous in February and March. When should they be fertilized? A: As with most plants, fertilize when they are actively growing. I feed mine in November when I see the first new green leaves and again in February when the flowers appear. Any landscape fertilizer should work fine.

  • How do you grow hellebores?

  • To successfully produce hellebores, try these 10 tips: 1. Hellebore liners can be planted in two seasons, spring and fall, when they are actively growing. 2. Hellebores are dormant in the summer months. It is not recommended to pot liners during this time. 3. Hellebores need a well-drained, coarse soil with lots of aeration. Keep pH at 5.5.

  • What can I plant instead of hellebores?

  • A top storey of deciduous trees gives even more protection from wind and strong sunlight. I also like to grow some non-seeding summer flowering herbaceous geraniums in between hellebores in order to extend the season: varieties like 鈥楻ozanne鈥?and 鈥橝nne Folkard鈥?are ideal.

  • Do hellebores need sun or shade?

  • Hellebores will tolerate drier conditions in summer providing there is some shade but bear in mind that too much shade all year round can reduce the number of flowers. They are best grown amongst deciduous shrubs and trees which will give them plenty of light in winter and spring but which will provide some welcome shade in the summer months.

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