what is the best fertilizer for hellebores

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Bayer Advanced Rose Flower Care

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  • What is the best soil for hellebores?

  • An established hellebore plant is resistant to drought. The best soil for hellebores is soil that is well-enriched with copious amounts of organic matter. However, this could vary depending on the kind of hellebore planted.

  • When should I fertilize my hellebores?

  • Q: My hellebores look fabulous in February and March. When should they be fertilized? A: As with most plants, fertilize when they are actively growing. I feed mine in November when I see the first new green leaves and again in February when the flowers appear. Any landscape fertilizer should work fine.

  • How to take care of hellebores?

  • 1 Light. Hellebores prefer partial to full shade. … 2 Soil. Hellebores grow best in soil that is rich with organic matter and well-draining. … 3 Water. Although they like some moisture, hellebores should not be allowed sit in wet soil for prolonged periods of time or they will rot. 4 Temperature and Humidity. … 5 Fertilizer. …

  • What plants look good with hellebores?

  • Hellebores are best planted amongst companion plants such as daffodils, snowdrops, bleeding heart, crocus, phlox and muscari. Hellebore flowers are fairly easy to care for once established, as long as the conditions are right. These flowers tend to be at their best in moist, well-drained soil in partial shade.

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