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  • What are fertility gods and goddesses?

  • Fertility Gods and Goddesses. A fertility deity is a god or goddess in mythology associated with fertility, pregnancy, and birth. In some cases these deities are directly associated with sex, and in others they simply embody related attributes.

  • What is the Native American god of fertility?

  • Corn Mother (Native American) – Responsible for the fertility of the land and people. Cybele (Roman) – Cybele was the goddess of fertility based on Anatolian Goddess Kybele. Demeter (Greek) – The Goddess of grain and bringer of fertility to the earth.

  • Who is the Greek god of birth and pregnancy?

  • Pregnancy and Childbirth Goddesses Artemis (Greece) – Despite being a virgin goddess she also presides over childbirth due to the ease of her own birth. Bast (Egypt) – Bast was the cat headed goddess was associated with both childbirth and fertility. Carmenta (Roman) – Goddess of prophecy and birth.

  • Who is the god of fertility in Norse mythology?

  • Cybele (Roman) Cybele was the great goddess of fertility in the city of Phrygia. Dagon – vegetation and fertility god. Frigg (Teutonic) Frigg was the Odin’s wife (the king of the gods). Frigg protected a man’s marriage and made him fertile.

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