what’s a fertility goddess

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Roman mythologyBona Dea,goddess of fertility,healing,virginity,and womenCandelifera,goddess of childbirthCarmenta,goddess of childbirth and prophecyCeres,goddess of cereal and of motherly relationships equated with the Greek goddess DemeterDiana,goddess of the hunt,wilderness,the moon and childbirth,equivalent to the Greek ArtemisMore items…

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  • What is a fertility goddess in Greek mythology?

  • A Fertility Goddess is a specific type of female deity in Lore Olympus. Born every few thousand years, fertility Goddesses are recognized for their incredible power. As a result, Demeter believes there is a cycle of gods using fertility goddesses in order to rule.

  • What are the different types of fertility gods?

  • Macha (Irish) – Fertility goddess who primarily concerned with male virility. Lakshmi (Hindu) – A mother goddess who represents the feminine aspect of God. Mastor-Ava (Russian) – Earth Goddess. Nile Goddess (Egyptian) – One of the prehistoric fertility Goddesses worshipped in the Nile Delta.

  • Why did I start reading about the goddesses of fertility?

  • I started reading up on the Goddesses of Fertility from all over the world. It was nice to form an imaginary support group with the goddesses to face the uncertainties of getting pregnant, not to mention, ample negative pregnancy results (and somewhat hoping that the results were false).

  • What is the Native American god of fertility?

  • Corn Mother (Native American) – Responsible for the fertility of the land and people. Cybele (Roman) – Cybele was the goddess of fertility based on Anatolian Goddess Kybele. Demeter (Greek) – The Goddess of grain and bringer of fertility to the earth.

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