what’s your fertile window

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5 to 7 days

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  • What is the fertile window for pregnancy?

  • While not every woman is the same, in general, the fertile window relates to an average of six days each month that women are more likely to get pregnant after having sex. Typically, those six days are the five days before ovulation and the day of ovulation.

  • Is a woman鈥檚 fertile window the same as her ovulation cycle?

  • While a woman鈥檚 fertile window and her ovulation cycle directly correlate with one another, the answer is no; these two things are not the same. A woman鈥檚 most fertile time of the month merely exists because ovulation is taking place. #3: How Long Does a Woman鈥檚 Fertile Window Last?

  • What is ovulation and fertile mucus window?

  • Fertile window is 6 days during your menstrual cycle that you can get pregnant while ovulation is the process when your ovaries releases one or multiple eggs into the fallopian tubes. Understanding ovulation and fertile mucus is the first step to get pregnant or prevent it. Now its your turn.

  • Is your fertile window longer or longer?

  • However, your fertile window may be significantly longer. Let Flo teach you how to pinpoint your fertile window to make informed reproductive decisions. What is a fertile window? The term 鈥渇ertile window鈥?refers to both the period in which unprotected sex could result in pregnancy as well as to your ovulation window.

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