when can i put fertilizer on new sod

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There is,however,no fixed time for fertilizing new sods as consideration must be given to the season in which the sods were planted and the type of grass used. Generally,though,it is usually recommended that you fertilize new sods at leastfour to six weeks after they have been laid down.

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  • Should I fertilize new sod?

  • It is also advisable that after the first application of fertilizers to new sods, at least another six to eight weeks space should be given before fertilizers are added the second time. Yes, you should. Spring is usually the best season to lay new sod.

  • How to fertilize your new turf?

  • Ensure to water your turfgrass immediately after applying fertilizer, as this will aid the absorption of the nutrients to the sod鈥檚 roots. What鈥檚 more, it minimizes chances of root burn to the sod roots that consequently causes browning of the grass blades.

  • When should I apply maintain to my new sod?

  • Apply Maintain four weeks after installation. Maintain will enhance the color of your new lawn by providing iron and nitrogen. Maintain also contributes to healthy soil composition by delivering amino acids and microbes. Why is new sod fertilizer different from regular sod fertilizer?

  • When should I fertilize my St Augustine sod?

  • For newly-installed St. Augustine sod, fertilization isn鈥檛 usually necessary until about four weeks post-installation. Fertilizing any sooner than that doesn鈥檛 help the grass, as the roots are still typically too shallow at this stage to absorb the excess nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients infused into the soil.

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