when do you fertilize irises

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Early spring

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  • Should I fertilize my irises?

  • Older iris varieties will likely need less than modern cultivars, as their blooms are smaller and less abundant. If your irises do need some help, fertilize after the plants have have finished flowering. When fertilizing irises, be careful about the type of fertilizer you use.

  • When should I plant my iris bulbs?

  • Plant irises in late summer or early autumn, when overnight temperatures are 40F to 50F ( 4C to 10C) or higher. This gives them plenty of time to settle in before the winter arrives. It鈥檚 better to plant them closer to fall because tall bearded iris bulbs go dormant early to mid-summer.

  • When should I Divide my irises?

  • Iris can be divided immediately after flowering, in the early fall (early September on Cape Cod), or in late April. Iris that are divided in the spring or fall may not flower for a year or two as they get reestablished. Fertilize your iris with an organic fertilizer in the spring. Water deeply once a week if it hasn鈥檛 rained.

  • What do you do with irises in the spring?

  • Early spring is the time for three important tasks in the iris garden: cleanup, fertilizing, and borer control. Clear away any winter mulch, old leaves, and miscellaneous debris from your bearded irises. Test the soil, and apply a granular fertilizer for better blooms and more vigorous growth.

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