when does women’s fertility decline

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  • What is the average age at which a woman’s fertility decreases?

  • ABSTRACT: The fecundity of women decreases gradually but significantly beginning approximately at age 32 years and decreases more rapidly after age 37 years. Education and enhanced awareness of the effect of age on fertility are essential in counseling the patient who desires pregnancy.

  • What is the peak age of a woman’s fertility?

  • The Mayo Clinic reported that a woman鈥檚 fertility peaks between age 20 and age 24. The fertility rate remains relatively constant (at about 15鈥?0% below maximum) through age 35.

  • Are women鈥檚 fertility rates increasing?

  • Even though women today are healthier and taking better care of themselves than ever before, improved health in later life does not offset the natural age-related decline in fertility. A woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have, and as she ages, not only does she have fewer eggs, but the quality of those eggs also decreases.

  • Why does the fecundity of women decrease during the reproductive years?

  • The fecundity of women decreases during the reproductive years primarily because of continual oocyte atresia and becomes significantly compromised before the onset of perimenopausal menstrual irregularity.

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