when is the best time to apply liquid fertilizer

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Spring or fall

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  • What is the best time of day to apply fertilizer?

  • I recommend that you never apply fertilizer in very hot weather, so waiting until things cool down at the end of the day is usually best. The reason why late afternoon or early evening is best for applying fertilizer is because it鈥檚 the time of day at which the lawn is less likely to be moist.

  • How often should I water my lawn after applying fertilizer?

  • Youll need to water your lawn lightly every time after using it to help the fertilizer reach the roots. Liquid fertilizer needs to be applied with a hosepipe, , and its tougher to do well if youre not experienced. With liquid fertilizer, its easier to over apply on some areas and burn your lawn, while not spraying enough on other parts.

  • How long does it take for liquid lawn fertilizer to work?

  • The fertilizer starts to work super fast and begins killing weeds instantly, so you can expect to see its results within 24 hours. Although, unlike other liquid lawn fertilizers, you will need to spray this weed and feed it onto actively growing grass and directly onto the weeds for it to have a full effect.

  • How do you apply liquid fertilizer to a lawn?

  • There are two ways to apply liquid fertilizer to your lawn, by foliar or ground application. Since most liquid fertilizers are highly concentrated, before applying the product, youll need to make sure it is properly diluted. Otherwise, you risk burning your plants.

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