when should i fertilize orchids

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When they are actively growing

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  • How often do you fertilize orchids?

  • Orchids will do far better with too little fertilizer than with too much. Many growers recommend the weakly, weekly approach, applying a dilute (1/4 strength) fertilizer each time they water, rather than applying a full dose once a month. Also, it is best not to fertilize a completely dry plant as the fertilizer can burn the dry roots.

  • How do you take care of an orchid plant?

  • Water the orchid with the fertilizer like normal watering, taking care not to get any on the leaves. Flush the plant with clean water at least once a month to remove any unused fertilizer.

  • Do Orchids need potassium fertilizer?

  • Once the orchid is prepared to bloom, you see flower spikes appearing, return to a balanced fertilizer. Potassium is the third number on the label and is important for developing a strong root system, including the overall well-being of your orchids.

  • Should you use slow-release fertilizers to grow orchids?

  • Furthermore, slow-release fertilizers can burn sensitive orchid roots. While some growers successfully use slow-release fertilizers to grow orchids, the odds are greater that you, and me, will have better success with regular applications of fertilizer that give you more control.

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