when to apply milorganite fertilizer

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Mid to end of March

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  • When is the best time to apply Milorganite?

  • Getting your fertilizing schedule right means knowing how much fertilizer is needed and when the best time to apply Milorganite is. There鈥檚 no one schedule for all lawns as it depends on the climate of your area, soil temperature, how old your lawn is, and what grass type you have.

  • How do you mix Milorganite fertilizer?

  • Mix 4 parts Milorganite with 1 part seed by weight according to recommended overseeding application rates. MD MI: Apply Milorganite two times per year at the rate of 32 lbs per 5,200 sq ft (per state regulations). Check with local ordinances for fertilizer blackout dates.

  • When should I fertilize my lawn with Milorganite?

  • In spring, fertilize your lawn with Milorganite after the last frost and once your lawn begins to grow and green. A good rule of thumb is when daytime temperatures are consistently in the 70s which means soil temperatures are in the 60s. Check out this tool to learn your current soil temperature.

  • How many bags of Milorganite do I put on my lawn?

  • The rate of Milorganite to use on an established lawn is 32 lbs. (one bag) of Milorganite for every 2,500 sq ft. Some states limit the amount of fertilizer that can be used, as well as the percentage of slow-release nitrogen the fertilizer must contain.

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