when to fertilize citrus trees in california

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The writers for Epic Gardening suggest that you should fertilize the tree at least once a monthbetween April and September. Look for a fertilizer designed for citrus plants with a high nitrogen load; a citrus fertilizer slow-release option may work. Once fall hits,back off on fertilizer as your plant develops.

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  • When should you fertilize a citrus tree?

  • You can start fertilizing potted citrus trees in early spring and stop in midsummer to allow your tree to prepare for winter. You can either use a slow-release fertilizer once a year in early spring or a liquid fertilizer every other week.

  • What is the best guide for citrus fertilizer practices in California?

  • Leaf and soil analyses as guide for citrus fertilizer practices in southern California orchards. California Agriculture 14 (10), 13-14. Chapman, H.D., 1968.

  • When is the best time of year to apply fertilizer?

  • So fertilizer timing starts with when the first frosts might come. Along the coast in Southern California, the last nitrogen application should be no later than October 1, in preparation for frosts than can occur in December. Nitrogen can resume March 1 in most cases. Then the next issue is how frequently to apply nitrogen after that.

  • How much fertilizer do I put on my Tree?

  • A small or dwarf tree would need less nitrogen. Split the total amount of fertilizer into three lots and apply one each in February, early May, and June. To fertilize a tree, measure the amount of fertilizer needed and scatter it evenly on the soil below the tree鈥檚 canopy but not near the trunk.

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