when to fertilize lawn south carolina

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  • What is the best time of day to fertilize a lawn?

  • The best time of day to fertilize a lawn is morning because that’s when the temperature is cooler and the grass is moist with dew. Heat and dryness are your enemies when fertilizing your lawn. Even without hot temperatures, applying chemical fertilizers to grass exposes it to the danger of burning.

  • When should I fertilize Centipede grass in South Carolina?

  • When is the Ideal Time to Fertilize Centipede Grass in South Carolina? The best time to apply fertilizer to centipede grass is a few weeks after green-up and before temperatures reach 85 F. In South Carolina, we usually experience this mid-May, however, let your lawn be your guide.

  • When does grass start growing in South Carolina?

  • The beginning of the growing season is called 鈥済reen-up,鈥?as the grass grow bright green blades and the lawn starts growing. The exact timing of the spring green-up depends on the temperature and in South Carolina green-up temperature typically beings in April.

  • When is the best time to apply winterizing fertilizer?

  • It is recommended that the winterizing fertilizer is applied in October or November. Most lawns become semi-dormant during the winter months and its growth slows dramatically. Depending on the grass, most lawns will lose some of some its dark green color and recovery from damage will also be slowed during the colder months.

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