when to fertilize oak trees in texas

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  • When should I fertilize my oak tree?

  • If you decide that your oak requires fertilizer, the most important time to provide the nourishment is early spring, just before new growth begins. If heat and drought conditions are truly harsh for the oak, feed once again in early summer.

  • How often do you feed oak trees in Texas?

  • Make the first application in early spring and the second in early to midsummer. Feed mature oak trees over 5 years old once per year or every other year in the spring at a rate recommended on the package label for the square footage under the tree canopy to at least a foot or two past the drip line.

  • When should I prune my oak tree in Texas?

  • Oak wilt is a disease easily transmitted from tree to tree by beetles. When an oak tree is cut in the spring the cut will ooze sap, attracting the beetles and thereby infecting the tree. Generally, the worst time to prune trees in Texas is between February to June.

  • Can fertilizers cause oak wilt in trees?

  • In particular, fertilizers that release large amounts of Nitrogen quickly into the soil can encourage structurally weak growth that could cause problems and could potentially promote spread of oak wilt throughout a tree. Aside from the formulation, the method of fertilization differs from that of your grass.

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