where can i buy 34 0 0 fertilizer

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  • What is the difference between urea fertilizer and 34-0-0?

  • UREA fertilizer is useless because it evaporates into the air almost immediately. By advertising this fertilizer as 34-0-0, you are attempting to trick the customer into thinking this is ammonium nitrate. UREA fertilizer is 44-0-0.

  • Is 10-34-0 Fertilizer water soluble?

  • Unlike most granular phosphate material, liquid 10-34-0 is 100% water soluble. The polyphosphate content gives liquid 10-34-0 the ability to hold micronutrients in solution, making them more available for plant uptake. A phosphorus rich fertilizer which is excellent for smaller lawns.

  • Do you offer fertilizer products in bulk?

  • We offer both liquid and dry fertilizer products in bulk. Please review our list of availability and provide contact information in order to tailor your program to your needs. Nitrogen solution UAN-28 and UAN-32 are clear, non-pressure, solutions of ammonium nitrate and urea.

  • What is the best liquid nitrogen fertilizer for lawns?

  • PetraTools Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer, 28-0-0 High Liquid Nitrogen Spray For All Grass Types, Liquid Lawn NPK Fertilizer Concentrate For Max Green Grass, Liquid Fertilizer for Lawns Plant Food (8oz) . . . . .

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