which health insurance covers fertility treatments

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

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  • Is infertility treatment covered by insurance?

  • The good news is that nearly every major medical insurance provider does offer some type of infertility treatment coverage. IVF1 accepts the following insurance plans covering the cost of infertility treatment: Infertility Insurance Coverage Counseling is available to you throughout your treatment at IVF1.

  • What is the best fertility insurance?

  • United Healthcare took our position as the overall fertility insurance choice with their giant provider network, supreme reputation, and coverage for a range of infertility treatments.

  • Which insurance companies cover IVF?

  • Another top insurance company that gives IVF coverage is Aetna. Among their covered fertility services, Aetna offers 3 assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycles per lifetime. This includes IVF, GIFT, ZIFT and FET.

  • What is fertility insurance and how does it work?

  • Fertility insurance is health insurance that covers the diagnostics and treatments needed to help potential parents who are struggling to conceive or to carry a child to term. Fertility insurance isn鈥檛 usually a separate health insurance policy but is covered under health care plans by many health insurers.

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