which health insurance covers fertility treatments

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

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  • Does health insurance cover fertility treatments?

  • Most health insurance companies use their own definitions and standards for determining infertility and the resulting level of coverage. They also reserve the right to revise policies as clinical information changes. That鈥檚 why coverage policy for the same fertility treatment can vary significantly from one insurance provider to the next.

  • What are the different types of infertility insurance policies?

  • Your insurance policy will fall into one of four categories: full infertility treatment coverage, coverage for diagnosis and limited infertility treatment, coverage for infertility diagnosis only, or no fertility coverage at all.

  • Which insurance companies cover IVF?

  • Another top insurance company that gives IVF coverage is Aetna. Among their covered fertility services, Aetna offers 3 assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycles per lifetime. This includes IVF, GIFT, ZIFT and FET.

  • Which states require insurance to cover infertility services?

  • Montana: HMOs are required to cover infertility services as part of basic healthcare services. 11. New Hampshire: Insurers must provide coverage for evaluations, laboratory assessments, medications, and treatments associated with donor eggs, sperm, and embryos. 12.

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