why do farmers use fertilizers

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  • Why do farmers turn to fertilizers?

  • Farmers turn to fertilizers because these substances contain plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Fertilizers are simply plant nutrients applied to agricultural fields to supplement required elements found naturally in the soil. Fertilizers have been used since the start of agriculture.

  • Why do plants need fertilizers?

  • Take nitrogen for example: Since plants are not capable of absorbing it from the air directly, the soil is their only means of acquiring this important nutrient. If the soil is low on nitrogen, fertilizers are needed to boost nutritional levels.

  • What kind of fertilizers do farmers use?

  • Most farmers today use fertilizers that are either mined or manufactured. Regardless of the source of the fertilizer, all plants use the same inorganic forms of fertilizer in the soil.

  • Why do farmers add nutrients to the soil?

  • This is why farmers add nutrients to their soils. Nutrients can be added from a variety of sources鈥攐rganic matter, chemical fertilizers, and even by some plants. This maintains the soil fertility, so the farmer can continue to grow nutritious crops and healthy crops.

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