is there a test to check fertility

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  • How to test female fertility?

  • How to test female fertility: types of tests. 1. Cervical test. If you鈥檙e having trouble getting pregnant, your doctor may suggest a cervical screening test (sometimes called a Pap smear). These tests check for cervical cancer and other problems with the cervix that can interfere with fertility.

  • How can my doctor tell if I’m infertile?

  • Your doctor may also suggest a blood test to check for a hormone called inhibin B. Levels may be lower in women with fertility problems, but experts are divided about whether the test can predict infertility. Another exam is called postcoital testing. Your doctor examines your cervical mucus after you’ve had sex.

  • What are the different types of fertility tests?

  • There are several different types of fertility tests When a woman has questions about her fertility, the first test doctors usually start with is a blood test to determine her levels of anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH). This hormone is released by a woman鈥檚 eggs, and these levels go down as her egg count declines with age.

  • Can a blood test tell if a woman is ovulating?

  • Hormone blood test A number of hormones can have an impact upon a woman鈥檚 fertility. For instance, a blood test for progesterone may be helpful in cases of reduced fertility. Doctors use this test to determine if you have normal levels of circulating progesterone, indicating that ovulation is taking place.

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